Overview of Stainless Steel Rebar

Raajratna Stainless steel rebar, SS rebar or reinforcement bar has become the most essential component for any modern constructions. It is being extensively used for construction of skyscrapers, flyover bridges, tunnels, retaining walls and almost every modern concrete structure where corrosive environment prevails. It is the perfect alternative of carbon steel rebar, where the latter failed miserably in the corrosive environment, resulting severe damage to the structure and causing high cost of repairs.

Raajratna Stainless steel rebar is well known for its properties to resist corrosion and at the same time provide good strength over a longer period of time. The concrete structure built using such rebar can usually last up to 125 years. Besides, it is a cost saving component as it various costs of concrete sealers, cement inhibitor and rebar coating.


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"Our business often requires products such as Stainless Steel Rebar. We have tried various supplier in the past, but were not happy and have faced several problems. The problems were not only in terms with the quality, but also with the timely delivery and the packaging standards. Yet, with Raajratna it was an entire different story."

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